What is my little book box

my little book box es una suscripción diferente: elástica porque puedes pausarla los meses que quieras, flexible porque te permite cambiarla y voluntaria porque puedes dejarla cuando quieras.

Cada mes recibes una caja nueva con: un libro adecuado a la edad de tu hijo + material para 3 manualidades relacionadas con el cuento + una guía de lectura para ti.

Editorial Juventud Kalandraka Beascoa Oceano Travesía Edebé Lóguez ediciones


It’s so easy! No minimum time for whichever modality and you can pause your subscription if you don’t want to receive the box a month or you wish to change it for another for a gift. You choose how much you wish to save:

Caja única

One single box Without subscription

21,90 €

+ Delivery (3 €)

Try it or give it as a gift

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How does it work?


Subscribe and receive your first box in 2-3 days and enjoy it with your children

Tu primera caja en 3 días


Every 25th check your email to discover your next book and the activities we’ve prepared for you

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Decide what you want to do:
1) receive your box,
2) change it for another one,
3) pause it this month

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You decide. No obligations

We help you create your children’s library and share unforgettable moments with them

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Would you like to be an adviser?

If you know parents with children and you enjoy organizing gatherings, become a my little book box adviser.

Be your own boss, organize your own time and earn your income depending on your availability helping us to spread the first box to encourage children to read.

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