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You will receive a box at home containing a book, all the materials you need to perform the activities that we propose and a reading guide to help you enjoy with your child.

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Receive monthly the best book selection and all the materials to carry out the crafts activities we propose. It has never been easier to enjoy unforgettable moments together.

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The box

my little book box is a special gift, an ideal educational surprise to learn while playing.

Not just any book, my little book box is a proposal to build unforgettable moments through reading, while helping the cognitive development of your child.

my little book boxbrings the magic of tales into your living room as a delightful surprise for your child while you recall your best childhood moments together and as many times as you'd like.

Discover some examples
Recíbela en casa

The experience of each box is based in four concepts

Our experts in children's literature and reading development have created this box of books and activities based on their teaching and reading experience. You will see how easy it is to share this experience with children while enjoying time together. With my little book box children learn, have fun and receive a monthly surprise that will surely love.


Learn. From the experiences that the books provide, we can can share unforgettable moments and above all, help children develop reading skills at an early age which is fundamental to a good education and a better future.


Read. Children who listen while reading aloud, develop their vocabulary and improve their skills in the language area at a faster rate. At the same time, children who read have better outcomes than those who do not read.


Create. The reading experience should be a fun event that invites children to continue imagining beyond books while at the same time developing motor skills and creativity. We propose a series of activities based on stories for children to enjoy and explore the limits of their imagination, even in the digital world.


Play. Fun is the key to helping children become great readers. While playing they'll discover that books are a gateway to new experiences.

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